We need waiters/waitresses to work in front of the public with communication and customer service skills.

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Looking for a job in the customer service sector? The position of waiter/waitress is now available and you can start sending your applications. We offer a permanent contract, from Monday to Friday in the morning from 7am to 3pm. We will value positively if you have knowledge in the preparation of drinks, cocktails or coffee.

The functions that the worker will carry out will be:

  • Handling orders to dictate to chefs.
  • Collect and process payments from customers.
  • Advising customers on the different types of dishes and wines available.
  • Managing orders and reservations.

Key requirements of the vacancy:

  • Person with communication skills and desire to learn.
  • Good attitude and excellent customer service.
  • Time availability.
  • Previous experience in similar positions.