We continue to search for a committed and dedicated professional capable of providing an efficient and organized warehousing service.

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Are you looking for a job in the customer service industry? Warehouse Operators are required to work in the area with a positive attitude. We offer a full time contract, Monday to Thursday mornings from 7am to 3pm. We are looking for dynamic, proactive individuals with teamwork skills, who have the ability to work under pressure and deal with challenging situations.

All the activities you will perform are:
 Pack and securely pack products for shipment.
 Store products on shelves, pallets or pallets in an organized manner.
 Prepare and maintain accurate records of inventory transactions and movements.
 Inspect and maintain storage equipment such as shelving, garbage cans, and racks in good condition.

Minimum Job Requirements:
 Knowledge of safety standards and procedures for handling products and equipment in a warehouse.
 Basic knowledge of mathematics and calculation skills to perform inventory and product counting tasks.
 Physical fitness and stamina to perform repetitive loading and unloading tasks.
 Knowledge of hygiene and safety measures in the handling of hazardous products.