We are looking for warehouse operators to work in a logistics services company for immediate incorporation.

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Are you looking for a job in the customer service sector? We are looking for Warehouse Operators to work locally in our welcoming establishment. A position is available on an initially temporary contract for 12 months with the option of a permanent contract, securing work for months at a time. The salary will be spread over 14 payments and there will be 35 days holiday entitlement per year. We are looking for dynamic, proactive individuals with team working skills, who have the ability to work under pressure and deal with challenging situations.

These will be the tasks you will be responsible for:
– Prepare and maintain accurate records of transactions and inventory movements.
– Comply with occupational health and safety standards in the warehouse.
– Conduct regular inventories to maintain accurate control of stock levels.
– Labelling and marking products for easy identification.

Minimum requirements for employment:
– Knowledge of hygiene and safety measures in the handling of hazardous products.
– Compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, such as minimum age for working in a warehouse.
– Previous experience in warehouse or logistics work preferred.
– Basic computer skills and ability to use warehouse management software and barcode scanning systems.