We are looking for carers for the elderly with time availability.

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Are you looking for a job in the care sector? We are looking for care staff to work in the area with a positive attitude. The position is offered on a temporary contract, temporary for 6 months with the option of indefinite, securing work for 6 months. Salary will be spread over 14 payments and 35 days holiday entitlement per year. We are looking for individuals with a positive attitude and excellent care for the elderly, who have the ability to work in a team and deal with challenging situations.

Activities to be carried out by the worker:

  • Give talks and encouragement to promote safe physical activity.
  • Participate in fall prevention and home safety programmes, ensuring a safe environment for residents.
  • Guide and look after the elderly on outings and excursions planned for the residents.
  • Support in physical rehabilitation therapy, as directed by physiotherapists or other health professionals.

Essential job requirements:

  • Proactivity and responsibility.
  • Good attitude and excellent treatment and care for the elderly.
  • Previous experience in similar positions.
  • High adaptability.