We are looking for a committed and dedicated professional capable of providing an efficient and organized warehousing service.

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Now you can join our Warehouse Operators Agency and expand your experience professionally. We are hiring Warehouse Operators in the region at our welcoming facility. We offer a full-time contract position with rotating shifts from Monday to Friday. Salary will be determined in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement and possible increases will be considered based on the worker’s performance. We will value positively if you have knowledge in logistics.

The functions that the worker will perform will be:
-Store products on shelves, pallets or pallets in an organized manner.
-To carry out periodic inventories to maintain an accurate control of stock levels.
-Collaborate with other team members to improve warehouse efficiency and productivity.
-Prepare and maintain accurate records of inventory transactions and movements.

Key requirements for the vacant position:
-Compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, such as minimum age to work in a warehouse.
-Knowledge of hygiene and safety measures in handling hazardous products.
-Manual dexterity and physical skills to lift and move heavy objects safely.
-Minimum education: high school graduate or equivalent.