Elderly care agency provides full-time elderly care as soon as possible.

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Now you can work in your spare time under the best conditions. Our agency is starting its exciting journey and is looking for two vacancies to provide care and attention to the elderly. The position is offered on a temporary contract, temporary for 6 months with the option of indefinite contract, ensuring work for 6 months. The salary will be distributed over 14 payments and the right to 30 days holiday per year will be granted. We are looking for a carer who can cope with tough situations and who can work in stressful situations.

These will be the tasks in charge:
– Coordinate and facilitate communication between residents, their families and the multidisciplinary team.
– Coordinate and supervise recreational and entertainment activities for the elderly.
– Collaborate in the planning and monitoring of special diets, adapted to the nutritional needs and dietary restrictions of the residents.
– Provide specialised care for seniors with specific medical conditions, such as dementia, diabetes or heart disease.

Basic conditions for employment:
– Person with communication skills and desire to learn.
– Ability to provide personalised care and service.
– Previous experience in similar positions.
– High adaptability.